I am a qualified and fully insured Animal Healing Practitioner and a  natural Animal Communicator/Listener.    I telepathically and empathetically talk to animals if they are willing to  communicate with me. I am an attuned and qualified Reiki Healer, and have been for the past  11 years. I can help you understand the behavioural, emotional and physical  concerns relating to animals, and I have over 20 year's practical  experience of dealing with numerous species of animal.  I can offer advice and guidance on how to overcome such issues, and if  you are interested in the use of various alternative remedies, I can put  you in contact with several knowledgeable practitioners should you  wish. Home | About Me | My Services | My Rates | Photos | FAQ / Links | Contact Me Tel: 07788 187723 (24hrs) | Email: issy@animallistener.co.uk Website design - Issy Website Design My Services
Home About Me My Services My Rates Photos FAQ / Links Contact Me Email: issy@animallistener.co.uk