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Healing and Belief Healing is the channelling of energy from an external source and at a  spiritual level. Like doctors, healers may possess various religious and  philosophical beliefs.   A patient need have no faith himself and no more knowledge of his  healer’s philosophy than of his doctor’s or vet’s religion, (or lack of it).   I therefore reject the term ‘Faith’ healing. Healing is acceptable in  most religious teachings and the healing I practice is given on a non-  denominational basis irrespective of belief.  Links  www.thunderbrook.co.uk - Equestrian Pure Essentials  Developed by Dr Debbie Carley, a Research Scientist with a passion  and flare for balanced and natural equestrian feeds.   Veterinary recommended. Please take a look at this site because this  lady is worth her weight in gold!  Home About Me My Services My Rates Photos FAQ / Links Contact Me Email: issy@animallistener.co.uk