My greatest friends and teachers have always been the animals I have  shared my life with. From a very small age I was always 'talking' to  animals that I came in to contact with. I somehow knew what they felt and what they needed, I couldn't  explain how I knew, but I just did. From a small child I would rescue  sick and injured wild animals, I instinctively used to give them what I  now know is healing, but at such a small age I didn't 'label' what I did,  to me it just felt 'right'.   The results often spoke for themselves, time and time again I would  rescue tiny mice that appeared dead or place my hands on injured  birds, and hedgehogs, invariably they recovered and I released them to  their natural habitat.  I was so fortunate to grow up in a rural location with a Mother who  worked as a Complementary Therapist and Healer (and she still does).  She always thought that my talking to animals was totally normal, and  she encouraged me to communicate with them as often as I could, and  it wasn't long before I was telling her what our family animals were  thinking and feeling.   She would listen to me and take my advice, and then tell me that what  I was hearing and feeling from the animals was right as they would be  happier, healthier and grateful if we made the changes they needed.  I have always had a strong connection with horses. As soon as I could  walk I would be down the stables with my Mother. She had all sorts of  horses over the years, anything from a pure thoroughbred to a shire  cross to a rescued donkey.   I never knew fear with them and I think that as a result they were  gentle and loving toward me, we respected them and they respected  us. I was never keen on riding or competing, I just wanted to spend my  time with them and talk to them. As I got older I would often choose to  walk by their side rather than sit on their back in a saddle.    Then along came school as it always does, and after many years of  study especially the sciences, I started to believe that if I couldn't  scientifically prove something then that something couldn't be 'real'.  What a mistake I made! I probably continued with my scientific head on for longer than I  remember, but the day came that changed me forever. My best friend,  my pony, was diagnosed with severe liver damage, repeated laminitis  and suspected Cushings syndrome.   The vet came to visit and told us it would be kinder to put him to sleep.  They said in 25 years of veterinary practice they had never seen liver  results as bad as my pony's. I sought a second veterinary opinion.   I contacted an eminent Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeon from Oxford.  He told me that there were alternative therapies that could help and  after discussions he encouraged me to begin healing my pony in a  natural way, and to start listening to what my pony was telling me. For  this I shall be forever grateful to this remarkable man.   His words reignited something in me. I KNEW that my pony wanted to  live, that he wanted us to fight this 'disease' he had, so I sought  alternative remedies and I began offering him healing.  As the weeks and months rolled by he became stronger and healthier.  He responded so lovingly and patiently to all the treatments I gave  him. He still falls asleep in my hands when I give him healing and he  tells me which parts of his body he needs me to focus healing on.   He has opened my eyes and put me back on the right path, the path I  should always have followed.  I know the agonising pain I was going through when my boy was ill,  the desperation to try anything that would help him. I would like to  use my abilities as an animal communicator and healer to help any  animals that I possibly can, and if you need my help please don't  hesitate to contact me at any time.   "Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living  things, man will not himself find peace."  Home | About Me | My Services | My Rates | Photos | FAQ / Links | Contact Me Tel: 07788 187723 (24hrs) | Email: Website design - Issy Website Design Photos View More > About Me
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